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Hello and welcome to MariaRobotnik93 and FireWithinMidnight's shared commissions account.

:star:Furry only!:star:

LineArt (no bg): 4 euros……
Extra character: +2 euros
Simple Background: +3 euros…
Advanced Background: +4 euros

Cel shading (no bg): 8 euros……
Extra Character: +4 euros
Simple Background: +3 euros
Avanced Background: +5 euros

AirBrush (no bg): 10 euros…
Extra Character: +5 euros
Simple Background: +4 euros…
Avanced Background: +7 euros

We can add an abstract Background in cel-shaded and airbrushed pictures, and it will be free (that's why it's not listed above).
(Small note: FireWithinMidnight changed her cel-colouring style, you can see it here:… )

(We'll put examples on when they will be ready)

:rose:Commissions are opened! :rose:

A little information for you all: you can decide which artist will draw the picture and who will colour it.

To make some order you ought to add this little form to your order:

Sketch and Ink: either MariaRobotnik93 or FireWithinMidnight

Colours: either MariaRobotnik93 or FireWithinMidnight

(If we're talking about lineart the form will be:

Sketch: either MariaRobotnik93 or FireWithinMidnight

LineArt: either MariaRobotnik93 or FireWithinMidnight ).


:star:Here's a little example of order: :star:

"Good day Nadja-and-Talen,

I'd like to commission you for a/some LineArt/Cel-shaded/Airbrushed picture/s of *put a link to your character's/s' picture/s*.

Sketch/and Ink: MariaRobotnik93

Colours: FireWithinMidnight

*if you want, you can even express some preferences. For example the setting, the expression, the pose...*

Thank you very much"

It isn't hard, is it? ^^


:rose:Thank you very much for your attention.:rose:


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LuvSilverSonicShadow Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fav!
Jaces-Pockey Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, wait, so does mariarobotnik93 and lasonicchiiana share this account?
Cool-SR Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
Hello~ :D
Your art is nice~